Chesspark Launches Online College League
By Jean Hoffman   
February 3, 2009

Jean Hoffman
Chesspark General Manager
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New online chess league treats chess like a sport, and players like athletes

On Wednesday, February 4 at 6 pm PST, Chesspark and will launch the first season of the Chesspark College Association (CCA). The CCA is a fast-paced, online, college chess league featuring the some of the top college chess players in the country competing in online tournaments and matches. The CCA season will kickoff with a round robin, G/30 team tournament between five teams of college players from New York University/Borough of Manhattan Community College, Stanford University, the University of Arizona, University of Miami/Miami Dade, and the University of Texas Brownsville. Twice a week, teams of four players competing for a $500 cash prize will face off in a head-to-head, team match played live on

The league features some of the best college chess players in the country including FM Elliott Liu from Stanford, SM Mackenzie Molner from NYU, FM Harper Warren from the University of Arizona, and FM Charles Galofre from Miami Dade. However despite the strength of the league, the CCA differs from many traditional chess leagues and tournaments, in the sense that it seeks to appeal not only to serious chess players but also to casual chess players unfamiliar with the chess world.

"Every basketball fan in the country can watch a live, college basketball game on television," explains Chesspark general manager Jean Hoffman, "What if every chess fan in the US could watch a live, college chess match for free on the internet?"

Modeled after the US Chess League and the NCAA, the CCA seeks to promote online chess to a new market of college students and players by allowing anyone to watch the matches live and for free on During the post-match interview, spectators can ask the players questions and go over the games. "For me, the choice to participate in the CCA was an easy one." explains Liu, "From the moment I heard about the concept, I knew it would be a great way to broaden chess' accessibility to the public as well as provide a new, competitive chess playing environment with intriguing match ups."

Visit the Chesspark College Association for more information and a complete schedule of matches; visit Chesspark to create your own free account and watch the matches live.

The University of Texas at Brownsville team photo

Feb 4, 6 pm PST Miami vs University of Texas Brownsville
Board 1 FM Charle Galofre vs IM Mauricio Flores
Board 2 NM Eric Rodriguez vs FM Max Cornejo
Board 3 NM Ernesto Alvarez vs IM Daniel Fernandez
Board 4 Matan Prilleltensky vs Bradley Sawyer

Feb 5, 6 pm PST University of Arizona vs Stanford

Board 1 FM Warren Harper vs FM Elliott Liu
Board 2 NM Leo Martinez vs NM Daniel Schwarz
Board 3 Expert Jon Cox vs NM Vaishnav Aradhyula
Board 4 Amanda Mateer vs Chris De Sa

Amanda Mateer from University of Arizona