All Systems Are Go!
By Glenn Petersen, Editor, Chess Life for Kids   
January 20, 2009
Astronaut Greg Chamitoff still has to get his sea legs back ... or earth legs ... anything but space legs ... and is in physical rehab.  But that hasn't dampened his enthusiasm for finishing his game with Earth and the young students from Stevenson Elementary School in Bellevue, Washington.  We now have a good link to the video he recorded for the resumption of the game last move, too:

Greg's 15th move was 15.Rfe1, avoiding the loss of the Exchange, which hung over his head for so long.  The kids came up with two responses, 15...f6 and 15...e6.  Earth had all weekend to consider the two, and chose 15...e6.
Now, while Greg considers his next move, you can visit our Java Game viewer and contemplate the comments by ICCM Alex Dunne, USCF Correspondence Director, who sized up the situation during the recent voting this way:

"Choose carefully, earthlings!   White has a dangerous lead in development and of the two choices you have, one leads to relative safety and about an equal (though Pawn plus) game and the other to a black hole on the chessboard and scoresheet.  Is it to be ....f6 or ...e6 ?" 

Indeed, it seems like Earth's voters may have wisely sidestepped a potential whirlwind of tactics that could have arisen after 15...f6 16. e4!
Thanks to all for voting over the weekend and getting all back on track.  All systems are now GO!

Greg Chamitoff vs. Earth (after 15...e6)

We now await Greg's next move from Mission Control in Houston.

Which will turn out to be more valuable: White's lead in development, or Black's extra pawn?

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