Best of CLO 08: #2
January 15, 2009
WFM Elizabeth Vicary,
Photo Betsy Dynako
The #2 article in Best of Chess Life Online 2008 is U.S. Chess School Comes to New Jersey, Part I and Part II by Elizabeth Vicary, with Part I as the official nominee. Judges praised the insightful look into young masters minds, and the generous writing and length, which allowed readers, in their own way, to participate in the U.S Chess School. Elizabeth also wrote about the U.S. Chess School in San Diego, and added photos of the latest session (January, Arizona), to her blog, lizzyknowsall.blogspot. Vicary is a frequent contributor to CLO and the print magazine. Her contributions include E.Vicary Previews Nationals, How to Beat Shabalov, Chess Beach Reading and Best of CLO 2007 pieces, E.Vicary on Girls', Chess and Genius (#5), and Top Ten Teaching Books (#4).

Vicary's most recent CLO contribution, "See There was This Bird..." Grade Nationals 2008, also earned points and compliments from the judges, though it did not break the top ten.  Alex Lenderman said, "(See There was This Bird) was extremely instructive, an excellent read, and very thoughtful and modest... it talks about all sections from Grade Nationals. Elizabeth had to work very hard to get all the information to write such a good article." Also look for Vicary's print article on the Grade Nationals, scheduled for the April 09 Chess Life Magazine.

The Judges Sound Off
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"This exciting article offers insights into the laboratory of a veteran Grandmaster while introducing some of America's most promising juniors.  Vicary shares four actual positions from the week-long camp, allowing the reader to sit in for a few minutes and learn from GM Benjamin.  The article eloquently describes the interaction between the instructor and the eight talented students.  Colorful photos show that these youthful "chess machines" are normal kids with a special dedication for chess.  Thanks to Vicary's inspiration, some other students around the country now will work harder so that they may be invited to the U.S. Chess School.  I gave this article top marks for chess content, annotated games and photos."- Michael Aigner

"This highly enjoyable article takes the reader into a top chess class and ably conveys what the experience is like: the reader becomes a participant."- Mark Taylor

"Great article about teaching and how young masters think and think differently."- Michael Atkins

"I've always been impressed with Elizabeth Vicary's thoughtful and interesting articles.... This one fits all my criteria,  it is obviously very interesting, obviously drew many attention for comments, was very long and NOT boring at all, which is a great sign. Readers got to know about these young talents, and how they study to improve. We also learned about this wonderful U.S. Chess School, and got actual chess lessons throughout as well, about endgames, about study routine from a Hall of Famer, the great GM Joel Benjamin. How can anything be better than this?"- IM Alex Lenderman