Kamsky Beats Top Dog in Tough Tourney
August 26, 2008
talmempic.jpgGata Kamsky is having a tough time in the Tal Memorial (Moscow, August 18-27), but he won today against the tournament's top-dog (by rating, with Kramnik) Alexander Morozevich (2788), giving him a chance to end on a high note. Kamsky is now on minus one, with 3.5/8 and he faces Ruslan Ponomariov with White tomorrow. Catch the game live on the Internet Chess Club or the official website at 7 AM EST. Gata started out the Tal Memorial on a see-saw, losing to Ivanchuk in round one and immediately rebounding in round two to Shirov . He lost two games in the middle though, to Mamedyarov and Leko. Here are a few tactical endgame problems from the unfortunate Kamsky-Leko game:

How did Leko finish Gata Kamsky off here?
Position after 48.Ke4

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In the following position, Leko played the prosaic and winning 41...Rf2. The spectacular 41...Kh7! is also possible-What is Black's idea after Kh7 Nxc2?
Position after 41.Ne3

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Gata's win today over Morozevich was a topsy-turvy battle in which Morozevich blundered with 54.Qh5? (better is Qxf4 gxf4 Kg4 Bg5 d5!)


Meanwhile, Ivanchuk is poisted to take first place, a full point ahead of the field with 5.5 out of 8. Read more about the following time scramble victory over Alexander Morozevich on chessbase.


Tal Memorial

Standings after 8 rounds

1.GM Vassily Ivanchuk  UKR 2781- 5.5
2-5 -GM Vladimir Kramnik  RUS 2788, GM Alexander Morozevich  RUS 2788, GM Ruslan Ponomariov UKR 2718 and GM Boris Gelfand ISR 2720-4.5
6.-  GM Peter Leko HUN 2741-4
7-8. GM Evgeny Alekseev RUS 2708 and Gata Kamsky USA 2723 -3.5
9. GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov AZE 2742-3
10- GM Alexei Shirov ESP 2741-2.5