Tatev Takes Clear Lead in Turkey
By Jennifer Shahade   
August 5, 2008
Tatev Abrahamyan leads the World Girls after four rounds.
Photo courtesy Monroi.com
Tatev Abrahamyan has 4/4 and the clear lead at the World Girls Championship in Turkey (August 2-16, Gaziantep). GM Alejandro Ramirez of University of Texas at Dallas, officially playing for Costa Rica has rebounded after a first round loss and now stands at 3/4. U.S. Junior Champion Tyler Hughes is also staging comeback. After losing his first two games, he now stands at 2/4. In round four Tyler  won against Vishnu Prasanna of India, who outrated him by 150 ELO points. It was a very good day for the U.S. squad--Tatev's fourth round victory placed her a half point ahead of the pack. Coach Armen Ambartsoumian is busy preparing Tatev for the number one seed, IM Harika Dronavalli but told CLO that he would report more details from the scene soon. Watch the Abrahamyan-Dornavalli showdown live at 8 AM EST on the official website. Update 8-6-08: Tatev drew her fifth round game on board one.


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