Anand Wins Oscar; Kamsky Third
By Jennifer Shahade   
May 9, 2008
Gata Kamsky, finished ahead of the two other SuperGMs in this photo by Tara MacGowran

The 2007 Chess Oscar award for the best chess player of the year went to Vishwanathan Anand. This is Anand's fifth Chess Oscar, and it was a blowout: he received more first place votes than all the other players combined. 64 Magazine (Russian) coordinates the contest which dates back to 1967. Journalists and Grandmasters serve as judges. The most exciting news for American chessplayers is that American World Championship candidate Gata Kamsky placed third, the highest showing for an American since Bobby Fischer's first place finish in 1972. Read more about Chess Oscar history , and the 2007 results.

Chess Oscar Results

1.  Anand      

 2. Kramnik      
 3. Kamsky      
 4. Topalov      
 5. Carlsen      
 6. Ivanchuk      
 7. Aronian      
 8. Morozevich      
 9. Gelfand      
 10. Radjabov