U.S. Championship Round 1 Pairings
By Tom Braunlich   
May 8, 2008
FKB2008logo.jpgPairings for the first round of the U.S. Championship are up! Colors will be announced at the player's meeting on the evening of May 12. Check CLO for an update on the player's meeting/opening dinner. Also be sure to watch the games live on monroi and enter a fantasy team if you haven't already.

Frank Berry U.S. Championship Round 1 Pairings

1     Onischuk, Alexander 2728--Kraai, Jesse  2569
2     Shabalov, Alexander 2709--Yermolinsky, Alex     2568
3     Kaidanov, Gregory 2697-- Friedel, Josh     2539
4     Shulman, Yury     2676--Fedorowicz, John     2514
5     Akobian, Varuzhan 2666---Ippolito, Dean      2512
6     Becerra, Julio     2648---Pruess, David     2497
7     Ivanov, Alexander 2628---Vigorito, David     2439
8     Perelshteyn, Eugene 2626---Ludwig, Daniel     2429
9     Gulko, Boris     2623---Kaufman, Larry     2384
10     Finegold, Benjamin 2613---Langer, Michael     2307
11     Gurevich, Dmitry  2594---Shankland, Sam     2299
12     Kudrin, Sergey     2588---Galant, Sergey     2176

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