Enter Your Fantasy U.S. Champ Team Now!
By Arun Sharma   
May 3, 2008
Now that the U.S. Championship field is set, you can select your seven-player fantasy team. Enter your team at http://aero.eudemonia.net/fantasychess/fc_login.php.

Review the rules and prizes, which include two Monroi Personal Chess Managers. Please note that as of the morning of May.5, Jaan Ehlvest is unlikely to participate in the Championship. A replacement will be announced soon. If you have Ehvlest on your fantasy team, you must go in and add a different player OR he will automatically be replaced by the new player. In the event that another player withdraws for unforeseen reason, the same policy will apply: you can still change your team up until May 13, 3:30 EST but if you fail to do so, the player will automatically be replaced at the discretion of the administrators.

Guidelines on entering the contest follow. Remember that only current USCF members are eligible for prizes, so renew today if your membership has expired.

1. To start, visit http://aero.eudemonia.net/fantasychess/fc_login.php and click on register.

2. Enter the appropriate information.  Your password can be whatever you want (i.e. DOES NOT have to match your password for ChesS Life Online). Be sure to make a note of what your password is in case you wish to login at a later time if you have a change of heart about any of your picks and wish to change something (before the tournament begins naturally) or want
to check on your team's score during the contest.  Be sure to be careful to enter your USCF ID # correctly as if your ID # does not match your name, you will not be eligible to win any prize.

3. Once you are registered, simply click the 7 players you want as your team, answer the 2 tiebreak questions, and then save.  If you make an illegal team (rating average too high, not exactly 7 players, or illegal tiebreak answer), you will be directed back to the same screen, and it will inform you what you need to change (recall the average rating must be <= 2555).  If your entry is legal, it should take you to a page displaying your team and tiebreak answers.

4. After you've done that log out, sit back, and enjoy the tournament (and hope your team comes through for you)!  Be sure to check on the daily updates for the contest that we will have on Chess Life Online to see how you are doing overall and if you happened to win the daily prize for that day.  Remember, if you have a change of heart about any of your picks, you can go to the above site, login, and change whatever you wish.  Just make sure you are set with what you want by May 13, 3:30PM EST as that is the deadline to either enter the contest or make any changes to your team.

Once again good luck to everyone who enters, I hope you enjoy the competitions (and I do mean both of them!).