Senior Open Update
By Jennifer Shahade   
April 30, 2008
Villa and Hans Schuschel, Lore and Duane Catania, Eugene Grumer, and Leonid Bondar. Photo Jon Haskel

The Senior Open (Boca Raton, April 28-May 3) began with an early round two surprise, with GM Dmitry Gurevich giving up half a point to expert Leonid Tkach.


This gives the following four IMs and seeds #2-5 a leg-up: IM Igor Foygel (2501), IM Joseph Bradford (2467), IM Lawrence Kaufman (2383) and IM Albert Kapengut (2331) a leg up. Here are some wins by the top seeds including a victory by IM Kapengut over the tournament organizer, Don Schultz:




Jerry Hanken will cover the Senior Open for Chess Life Magazine. In addition to his loss to Kaufman above, here is his second round victory over Floridan local Ernesto Cachuela.


Thanks to Jon Haskel for his assistance with this article, and for coordinating Monroi's live coverage. Check out the final two rounds live on Monroi Thursday and Friday, May 1-2, 7 PM EST.