Melekhina Earns 2nd WIM norm
By Sevan Muradian   
April 22, 2008
Alisa Melekhina
As round 5 came to a conclusion, three people were tied for first place and the first norm was earned by Philly native WFM Alisa Melekhina. Alisa methodically dissected her opponent, FM Aleksander Stamnov, even while she was in time pressure. With this victory, Alisa secured her second WIM norm just as the tournament passed the halfway mark.

But Alisa isn't done yet! With 4 more rounds left to go she is very much in contention for her WGM and IM norms. A win and three draws would secure her IM norm. She still has to face tournament co-leader FM Mehmed Pasalic who is on pace to earn his third and final IM norm. That clash will take place on Thursday night, but for now Alisa must contend with the other young lady in the tournament - Canadian WFM Yuanling Yuan, who scored a victory over FM Dennis Monokroussos in round five.

Yuan Ling

10th North American FIDE Invitational

Standings after five rounds
1-3: WFM Melekhina, FM Pasalic and IM Young-4/5
4: FM Shankar-3/5

5: IM Amanov- 2/5
6:FM Stamnov
7-9: WFM Yuan, FM Chow and FM Monokroussos-1.5
10:IM Vishnuvardhan-1

Tune in for Round 6 of the 10th North American FIDE Invitational at 6:30pm CT on Wednesday night. You can follow the action LIVE on the MonRoi World Databank of Chess .