Dramatic Sunday in Atlanta
By Jennifer Shahade   
April 20, 2008
Daniel Yeager. Photo Elizabeth Vicary
Three players, Michael Thaler(2173), Daniel Yeager (2343) and Edward Lu (2203) started the morning of Sunday April 20 with perfect 5/0 scores in the High School Nationals (Atlanta, Georgia, April 18-20). In the team competition, Thomas Jefferson High School from Alexandria, Virignia, headed by Edward Lu, leads with 15.5 points after five rounds. Check full results and pairings here. Update: Daniel Yeager and Michael Thaler face off with 6/0 each in round 7.

On round five on Saturday night, Edward Lu defeated  the subject of a CLO report earlier this week, Kayin Barclay.

In round five, Daniel Yeager defended beautifully against James Canty, in an Anti-Sicilian that turned wilder than any Open Sicilian. After 35 moves, Yeager reached the following position. Can you figure out what he played?

Canty-Yeager. Position after 35.Qxa8

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In round six, Yeager plays Lu on board one, while the other perfect score, Michael Thaler of Hunter faces the top-rated 4.5, Marc Arnold. Arnold drew in round four in a Benko game against Christian Tanaka. Arnold is almost 300 points higher rated than Tanaka, so he must have thought little of his compensation in the final position.

Watch the final action live on monroi.com and look for more CLO coverage, including a final report with a big photo gallery by Elizabeth Vicary.