Nicholas Nip to Appear on Regis & Kelly
April 18, 2008
Niplead.jpgThanks to the U.S. Chess Trust , on Monday, April 21, 10-year-old chess master Nicholas Nip will appear on Live With Regis & Kelly (9:00 am EST, WABC). Check your local listings, and watch the youngest master ever play a ten board simul on national television! Opponents will include a 95-year-old and a West Point cadet. With this appearance, Nip follows in the footsteps of Hikaru Nakamura, who appeared on the program ten years ago when he became the youngest master ever at the age of ten years and three months. Nip earned the title at nine years and 11 months.

For more information on Nip and how he broke the record,  read the March 6 CLO article ,  two days after Nip clinched the title in a March 4 Mechanics Chess Club quad, and the follow-up CLO article with Nip's critical victory over Ronald Cusi.

Chess boards and sets will be donated by the
US Chess Trust, working in conjunction with the United States Chess Federation (USCF). The USCF is the official body for organized chess in the US and provides a National rating for over 80,000 members. Special thanks to Barbara De Maro, Managing director of the U.S. Chess Trust for arranging Nip's appearance.