Kaidanov Dominates Gausdal
By Jennifer Shahade   
April 16, 2008
Gregory Kaidanov. Photo Dujiu Yang, 2007

GM Gregory Kaidanov won the Gausdal Classics in Norway with 7/9 (April 8-16), a full point ahead of the 10-played round robin field, which included American players U.S. Women's Champion Irina Krush and NM Eric Moskow. Krush and Moskow both had disappointing results with 3.5 and 1 respectively. However, since seven of the ten players were GMs, neither lost too many rating points. Click here for the full crosstable and performance ratings. IM David Pruess also played in the Swiss, "B" group, where he started well but faltered in the final two games to European IMs.

Kaidanov's wins included two key victories on the White side of the Sveshnikov. Can you guess Gregory's choice in the following position?

Kaidanov-Kotronias, Position after 16...Nb6

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