Amateur Team Champs Face Off on Saturday
April 10, 2008
Daniel Yeager, first board for "Trixr4kids" of the East
On Saturday, April 12, the four Amateur championship teams will face-off in a two-round Internet Chess Club knockout for the 2008 Amateur Team title. The time control is G/90 with a five second increment.  The four qualifying teams follow, with team composition listed in board order:

East: 1.d4
Daniel Yeager, Victor Shen, Scott Low and Jared Defibaugh.

South: The Foreclosure Doctors
Bruci Lopez, Jeffrey Haskel, Javier Gonzales and Gilberto Luna

MidWest/North: WI Chess Academy's Surprise
Alex Betaneli, Ashish Vaja, Erik Santarius and Trevor Magness

West: We Have Cox

Robby Adamson, Landon Bronwnell, Jonathan Cox, Bern Marmont

In the first round, which begins at 1 PM EST on Saturday, 1.d4 of the East will play The Foreclosure Doctors of the South, while the MidWest champs Wi Chess Academy's surprise will play We Have Cox from the West. The two winners will meet in the finals at 6 PM EST. Carol Jarecki is the Chief TD.  Tune in live on the Internet Chess Club , check CLO for a post-game report and watch for FM Mike Klein's in-depth piece in your July Chess Life Magazine.