61 Memorable Games: A Hoax
By Larry Evans   
April 10, 2008
My61CLOslide.jpgAfter three months of back and forth emailing, GM Larry Evans concludes that the supposed new book authorized by Fischer, "My 61 Memorable Games", was an elaborate hoax. Read the original article for background on this follow-up.

In extensive e-mails the Canadian seller repeatedly promised to send me a copy of "My 61 Memorable Games" but never fulfilled this promise. I think that the book may exist on someone’s computer but it has not yet appeared in print. Obviously a strong player with Fritz did a lot of work updating the manuscript, but Fischer had nothing to do with it.

The seller’s story appears to be a fairy tale. “Helgi” was an invented name who simply doesn‘t exist either.  Ed.Note- therefore, the guess in the original article that Helgi may be Helgi Olafsson, a big supporter and friend of Fischer, was obviously false. 

During three months of dealing with the Canadian Scammer (which I  believe is the accurate term for the Liar who strung me along for three months) “she” came up with excuse after excuse for not sending me a copy of the book. The cryptic message I received from Bobby was also bogus. After contacting several people in Iceland who knew Bobby well, I learned that he didn’t need money from a new edition. Nor did he wish to see an algebraic version. As I stated originally, he didn’t even own the rights to My 60 Memorable Games. 

I played along with the Canadian seller in order to gather more information, then encountered one falsehood after another -- too numerous to mention. In order to convince me the book actually exists, the scammer sent page 79 and naively asked who this Weinstein was that Bobby kept attacking (knowing full well that Weinstein was Kasparov before he changed his name). Notice the clever ploy of referring to My Great Predecessors by Kasparov as “Weinstein, Volume IV, page 233” to imitate Bobby’s brand of sarcasm. 

If the book does surface one of these days, we can pretty much rest assured that it was NOT written or authorized by Bobby Fischer. 

Here is  the new sample page submitted in order to deceive me.