USCF's Rulebook: The Official Rules of Chess, 5th Edition (2003)
Official Rules
September 3, 2007
For an unabridged complete copy of the 5th edition of the U. S. Chess Federation’s Official Rules of Chess, edited by Tim Just and Daniel B. Burg, which contains: pairing rules, prize fund distribution rules, equipment standards, code of ethics, rating information, correspondence rules, round robin tables, all cross referenced rules and much more please visit our USCF bookstore. All tournament directors should have a complete copy of the 5th edition of the rules with them at all tournaments they are directing.

Note: As of July 2014, the 6th edition of the USCF rulebook is available in electronic form. The print version should be available by mid-August.

For a list of updates to the rulebook since the 5th edition was published, see Rulebook Changes Since the 5th Edition

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