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Employee Contact Information

Call 931.787.1234 unless otherwise indicated.
All e-mail addresses are unless otherwise indicated.

  Name E-Mail Ext.#


Executive Director Jean Hoffman jean.hoffman 189


Senior Accountant Debra Robison debra.robison 130

Affiliate Relations

Director of Affiliate Relations Joan DuBois jdubois 123

Correspondence Chess

Correspondence Chess Alex Dunne cchess  


Director of Events Francisco Guadalupe Francisco.Guadalupe 133

FIDE, Scholastics and Over-The-Board Ratings

FIDE Titles and Ratings Tracey Vibbert tvibbert  
FIDE Youth Events; National Education Consultant & Special Projects Jerry Nash jnash 137
FIDE Associate and OTB Ratings Susan Kantor skantor 136
Scholastic Associate & Clubs Susan Kantor skantor 136

Information Technology

Data and Systems Administrator Mike Nolan mnolan

Membership Services

Membership Services Supervisor Cheryle Bruce cbruce 147
Membership Associate Traci Lee tlee 143
Mailing Lists mailinglists
Address Change addresschange
OTB Ratings Associate Susan Kantor skantor 136
Membership and Ratings Associate Jay Sabine jsabine 127
Tournament Director Certification Jay Sabine tdcert 127


Director of Publications & Editor of Chess Life Daniel Lucas dlucas 931-200-5509
Chess Life for Kids Editor Glenn Petersen gpetersen  
Chess Life Online Editor Jennifer Shahade jshahade  
Senior Art Director Francesca Butler fbutler  
Editorial Assistant/Copy Editor Alan Kantor akantor  
Editorial Assistant Jennifer Pearson jenpearson  
Tournament Life Announcements (TLA's) Joan DuBois tla 123

Director of Administration Judy Misner jmisner 126


Chess Life Online Editor Jennifer Shahade jshahade  
Digital Assistant Vanessa West vwest