Is e4 really the best?
By Joel Benjamin   
October 6, 2006
Mr. Benjamin,

At a simul in Arlington, VA, last year, you told the audience that ever since you've started helping to program chess computers, you now open with 1.e4 exclusively in your own games. How come?

James K. Williams

Actually, I said that after I went to work on the Deep Blue project, I began to open all my games with 1.e4. It's not that Deep Blue or any other computer convinced me 1.e4 was the best move. Deep Blue played 1.e4, so that's where I focused my attention. I just made a practical decision after studying only 1.e4 for White for the better part of a year. For the last decade my comfort level has been higher with 1.e4. I am, however, now prepared to trot out the queen pawn should the situation demand it.

Joel Benjamin