2007 U.S. Women's Champs News
By USCF   
May 17, 2007
Photo Jacob Okada

The 2007 Frank Berry U.S. Women's Championship is scheduled for Stillwater, Oklahoma from July 16-20. The top ten rated women from the May list will be invited for a round robin, with $25,000 in prizes. The Women's Championship will be followed by two other exciting events, a blitz open with a $1500 prize fund on Friday, July 20th and a $2500 weekend five round Swiss on July 21-22.

U.S. Women's Championship Schedule

Opening Ceremony-
Monday 11 AM
Rounds 1+2-
Monday at Noon and 6 PM
Rounds 3+4-
Tuesday the 17th at 11 AM and 5 PM
Rounds 5+6-
Wednesday the 18th 11 AM and 5 PM
Rounds 7+8-
Thursday the 19th-11 AM and 5 PM
Round 9-
Friday the 20th at 11 AM
Blitz Tournament
(Open) July 20
Weekend Swiss (Open) July 21-22

Prize Fund

1st $7000
2nd $5000
3rd $3000
4th $2500
5th $2000
6th $1500
7th $1000
8th $1000
9th $1000
10th $1000

Total Prize fund $25,000.

Zonal qualification details

There are three women's zonal qualifying spots for US players this year. If the top woman in the regular US Championship makes at least an even score, she will obtain one spot and the other two spots will be determined in the Women's Championship. If all women in the US Championship make minus scores, all three zonal spots will be determined in the Women's Championship.