Varuzhan Akobian on MTV
By Jennifer Shahade   
March 6, 2007
Photo John Henderson

Cancel your late night Thursday plans or set your Tivo! L.A. based Grandmaster Varuzhan Akobian will be on MTV's True Life in an episode titled "I'm a Genius." According to , it will also air at 9 PM EST and 9 PM PST, but please check your local listings to ensure you'll catch it. The MTV crew followed "Var" to the Morelia Open, his birthday party, the beach and even the gym.

"It feels great to be on MTV," Varuzhan told CLO, " I really hope a lot of USCF members will tune in and watch!" They will be in good company, as in addition to millions of regular viewers, Varuzhan will also be watching the show Thursday night for the first time. The 23-year-old Grandmaster is full of confidence on his debut: "I'm not nervous at all."