U.S. Chess League Final Clash
By Jennifer Shahade   
November 28, 2006

The San Francisco Mechanics and The New York Knights face off tomorrow at 8:30 EST for the title of 2006 U.S. Chess League Champions. It's a match of young talents-the average age of the match participant is just 20 years old!

IM Josh Friedel leads the Mechanics on board one, against GM Pascal Charbonneau of the Knights. On board two are IMs Irina Krush (Knights) and David Pruess, Samford winner and recent American Open champion. Board three is the battle of the youngest and the oldest, as 14-year-old Knight Robert Hess plays the professor of the group, 27-year-old Dmitry Zilberstein. Both fourth boards, Matthew Herman and Sam Shankland have been on a roll lately, with scores of 3.5 and a perfect 4, respectively, in the past four games.

Which team will uncork champagne? Watch the games on the Internet Chess Club or in person at the Mechanics Institute in San Francisco (57 Post Street) or Marshall Chess Club (23 West 10th Street). The Mechanics Institute will feature live commentary by GM Alex Yermolinsky. The Marshall will project the games onto the wall, and provide light refreshments. To read a few funny match predictions check out the San Francisco Mechanics' blog, the thoughts of NMs/USCL match prognosticators Arun Sharma and Ron Young. Feel free to include your own prediction below. (You have to log in as a member to make comments.)

San Francisco Mechanics

New York Knights
IM Josh Friedel - 2513

GM Pascal Charbonneau - 2500
IM David Pruess - 2459

IM Irina Krush - 2445
IM Dmitry Zilberstein - 2435

FM Robert Hess - 2369
Sam Shankland - 2106

Matthew Herman - 2172
Avg Rating - 2378

Avg Rating - 2372
San Francisco Total -------
------- New York Total