Largest US Delegation in History Travels to World Youth in Greece
October 24, 2015
The largest World Youth delegation in US Chess history is arriving in Greece this weekend for ten days of intense competition. 123 players will be sporting Two Sigma jackets as they represent the USA from October 25 through November 6.

Top US players include recent Chess Life cover star Carissa Yip, as well as Max Lu, who one month ago, broke Awonder Liang's record for the youngest Master in US Chess history. Awonder, who earned gold four and two years ago in Brazil and UAE, is also playing.

Max Lu and Carissa Yip

You can find out more about the tournament on the official website, where you can find live games and also follow along on , which will track results, pairings and data throughout the tournament. Look for reports on US Chess by one of the team coaches, GM Alejandro Ramirez, as well as FIDE Senior Trainer Aviv Friedman who is co-head of delegation along with Michael Khodarkovsky.