World Team Championships Underway in China and Armenia
April 19, 2015
Women's Team in round 1, Photo Alisa Melekhina

The World Team Championship (Tsakhkadzor, Armenia, April 18-29, 2015) and World Women's Team Championship (Chengdu, April 18-29) are both underway. 

Our team in Armenia consists of GMs Sam Shankland, Aleksandr Lenderman, Alexander Onischuk, Varuzhan Akobian and Daniel Naroditsky. They are playing China today, and the score is currently 1.5-1.5 with Sam's game still in progress. 

In China Tatev Abrahamyan, Sabina Foisor, Alisa Melekhina, Katerina Nemcova and Viktoria Ni represent the USA. Today they defeated Egypt 3-1. 

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