The US Splits Match vs. Hungary
August 10, 2014
GM Judit Polgar vs. GM Sam Shankland, Photo Tony Rich



Alexander Onischuk, who has been having a great event, slipped this round with 20...f6. He resigned after Bxe5 because after either capture, Qc4+ wins. 


GM Shankland saved the match and continued with his incredible tear by defeating GM Judit Polgar. Sam now has a perfect 7/7 and nearly a 3200 tournament performance rating. 


The US team plays Germany tomorrow. 

The women lost against France 1.5-2.5 and will play Montenegro tommorow. 





GM Irina Krush sat out for the first time of the tournament, and told CLO, "I went for a walk into the mountains around the city with Yury (Shulman), Wesley (So), and Armenia's reserve board Tigran Kotanjian. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the scenery is stunning. It really lifted my spirits to go on this walk."
GMs Irina Krush, Yury Shulman and Wesley So.

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