US Wins Big vs. Uzbekistan
August 9, 2014
Today's match vs. Uzbekistan, Photo Cathy Rogers

The US won a key match today at the Olympiad vs. Uzbekistan with a dominating 3.5-.5 score. Nakamura won against Kasimdzhanov on board 1. GM Sam Shankland won again and now has 6/6 and a 3100+ tournament performance rating. Onischuk is also crushing with 5.5/6 and a 2865 performance.

GM Shankland's 36...Rd5 sealed victory, as White has no good defense to ...a5.

GM Ian Rogers pointed out that, "the US team is currently tracking exactly as they did in 2012, when they lost a key medal match against China in the penultimate round. Team captain Donaldson also thought that because of the larger field, a higher score might be needed to secure a medal."

In round eight, the US team faces Hungary.

World Champion Magnus Carlsen lost today against Naiditsch:

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave won a long intense battle vs. Baadur Jobava which looked bound for perpetual check until 62...Ke3 created some chances for White.  

The women drew against Armenia, with GM Irina Krush losing to GM Elina Danielian. WGM Sabina Foisor stayed perfect (5/5 and a 2800+ TPR) with a win over WGM Maria Kursova.

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