National Chess Day, Saturday October 12, 2013
April 19, 2013
cake.jpgCelebrate National Chess Day!

Deadline for TLA submission:  June 10, 2013 for two issues of Chess Life or July 10, 2013 for one issue.

Organizers!!!  Plan a tournament or an event of any kind to promote chess on National Chess Day!

Any Rated Beginner Open that includes "National Chess Day" in its TLA title and falls on October 12, 2013 gets both a complimentary TLA and free rating fees.  Event must include October 12, 2013, but could include shoulder days.  

Rated Beginner Open or RBO’s are Open to Under 1200/Unr or Under 1000/Unr.  Tournament name must include “Rated Beginners Open” or “RBO”.

 Any 1-day event for October 12, 2013 which has "National Chess Day" in its TLA title gets a complimentary TLA and rating fees.

Any 2-3 day event held over a period which encompasses Oct 12-13, 2013 which has "National Chess Day" in its TLA title, will get a complimentary TLA and free rating fees.

Organizers/affiliates, In the TLA, be sure to mention National Chess Day in the title and that it actually happens on Saturday October 12, 2013 and then expect to receive an e-mail from the office explaining how to get the free rating fee.

Submit your articles and photos for possible publication in Chess Life magazine and/or Chess Life Online!  Photos for Chess Life magazine must be high resolution.