Register as a Voting Member by March 31
March 28, 2013
slideUSCFflag.jpgUSCF Members: Don’t forget to register as a voting member at the following link so you can vote in this year's Executive Board election. 

Voting Members elect the Executive Board. USCF members (except those with memberships of less than one year) can register as a voting member. Voting members must be age 16 or over as of June 30 of the election year.  

Eligible members who are not already registered as Voting Members must register with the USCF office by March 31 to eligible to vote in that year’s regular election. All members who are selected as USCF Delegates, Alternate Delegates or Executive Board members are automatically registered as Voting Members.  

 Once registered, a member’s status as a Voting Member continues as long as he or she is a member.  When a membership lapses, Voting Member status ceases and the member must, after rejoining, again register by March 31 to eligible to vote in that year’s regular election.

In order to vote in a regular election, registered Voting Members must be USCF members on May 5th of the election year, for the entire day Central Time. There is no registration fee.

Further information regarding nominees and voting instructions will appear in Chess Life and on the USCF website.