Four Teams Face Off in March 23 Amateur Playoff
March 22, 2013
The US Amateur Team playoff takes place starting at 1 EST on March 23, Saturday on the Internet Chess Club (ICC). The four finalists are Princeton University from the East (see Al Lawrence’s report and Chess Scoop video), NorCal House of Chess Kings and Queen (see CLO report by Salman Azhar) from the West, The Illini Schmakelers (see CLO report by Betsy Dynako), and Cookie Monsters Crumble the Competition in the South (see Melinda Matthews’ report). 

Carol Jarecki is the chief TD and provided the first round pairings below. The playoff between the two round one winners will start at 6 EST. 

Update: House of Chess defeated Princeton University in the finals to emerge as National Champs. Full story coming soon.


Lee—Princeton-MLee (2453) W____B Mel Goss—melgoss (2238)

Ng—Princeton-ANg (2295) B____W Rosenthal—skippykid (2208)

Xue—Princeton-DXue (2185) W____B Cooke—cookiemonster64 (2208)

Kang—Princeton-LKang (1837) B____W Lester Machado—lmachado (1968)


Rosen—iSeeSee (2388) W_____B Guzman—kiriks (2413)

Schmakel—Sam08 (2283) B_____W Cusi—scionFRS (2265)

Auger—Uofichess (2149) W____B Byambaa—ILPCICC (2094)

Indusekar—indusekar (1911) B_____W Castro—gvargas (1952)