Employment Opportunities
February 4, 2014

The United States Chess Federation is currently looking for qualified people to fill the following positions:

Ratings, Titles and Certifications Officer 

The U.S. Chess Federation is seeking applications for the job of Ratings, Titles and Certifications Officer. 

  Applicants must have:


1.  Knowledge of the Swiss Sys and WinTD pairing programs,

2.     Knowledge of FIDE tournament rules and the FIDE Laws of Chess,

3.    Knowledge of FIDE International Title Regulations for players and arbiters,

4.    Knowledge of FIDE Rating Regulations,


5.    5. Knowledge of the FIDE registration procedures, transfers, and eligibility,

6.    6. Knowledge of USCF Rating Regulations,

7.   7.  Knowledge of USCF Tournament rules.


A certification of USCF Senior Tournament Director or higher and FIDE Arbiter or International Arbiter is preferred.   This is an hourly part-time position, approximately 20 to 25 hours per week.  Work may be performed from areas outside the USCF office in Crossville.


Applications with cover letter, resume and three references should be sent to Judy Misner, jmisner@uschess.org.  For information, please contact the USCF Director of Events, Franc Guadalupe, fguadalupe@uschess.org.