Events Overdue for Bids
By US Chess   

Events Overdue for Bids - as of January 12,2016

Bids on these tournaments are past deadline and will be considered immediately.

Bidding Deadline Please contact the US Chess office if you are interested in bidding for a National Event. You can email your bid to Joan DuBois at the US Chess office. US Chess recommends that bids be submitted according to the following schedule. However, bids may be considered prior to these dates. Please do not assume that because you received the bid for the prior year you have it for the next year without submitting a formal bid.

Deadline: 1 July 2015:

  • 2016 US Amateur (North, South)
  • 2016 US Junior Championship
  • 2016 US Class Championships
  • 2016 US Game/30 Championship
  • 2016 US Game/60 Championship

Deadline: 1 July 2016:
  • 2017 US Amateur Teams (North,South, West)
  • 2017 US Amateur (East, North, South, West)
  • 2017 US Junior Chess Congress
  • 2017 US Junior Championship
  • 2017 US Junior Open
  • 2017 US Senior Open
  • 2017 US Girls Junior Championship
  • 2017 US Cadet
  • 2017 US Class Championships
  • 2017 US Game/15 Championship
  • 2017 US Game/30 Championship
  • 2017 US Game/60 Championship
  • 2017 US Masters Championship

How To Bid On a US Chess National Event brochure.

* A U.S. Championship Qualifier.
** The USCF reserves the right to decline all bids and organize the event itself.