Special Referees
By Phillip R Smith   
January 22, 2014

Special Referee List

Special Referees can be called in place of using an on-site Appeals Committee at USCF tournaments to deal with player appeals of TD decisions or rulings. The have the authority to act and rule in place of an Appeals Committee.

A Special Referee is and experienced USCF National Tournament Director. Some Special Referees are also International Arbiters (IA). FIDE does not have a Special Referee so anyone on this list with the IA title may only be able to give advice on FIDE tournament matters but not make a final ruling.

Carol JareckiNY917.690.8566NTDIA
Randy HoughS-CA626.282.7412NTDIA
Harold StenzelNY631.218.4440NTDIA
Bill SneadTX806.372.4387NTDIA
Tim JustIL847.244.7954NTD 
Alan LosoffNV702.510.8882NTD 
Andrew ThallOH614.694.4191NTD 

This list was last updated by USCF IT Director Phillip TR Smith on 22 January 2014.