By Richard Krueger   
January 22, 2012
KCF.jpgIndividual and Team Tournaments Planned for Greater New York, Greater Mid-Atlantic, and Greater Chicago Areas of the United States.

New York, NY, Jan. 20, 2012 -- Kasparov Chess Foundation welcomes students from K - 12 grades to take part in its 2012 Scholastic Championships Series, spanning across major metropolitan areas of the nation. The Foundation is sponsoring these tournaments in association with local chess organizations in each region, including Chess Center of New York, ChessPRO and Maryland State Chess Association, and Renaissance Knights in the Mid-West.

The tournament schedules are as follows:

Jan. 28 - 29, Greater New York Scholastic Chess Championships at the New Yorker Hotel, Manhattan, NY; for more information visit: http://www.chesscenter.cc/ or email [email protected]
The winning team at last year's Greater New York Scholastic Champs, Aaron Landesman, Alex Ostrovskiy, Lillia Poteat and Alec Getz

Feb. 4 - 5, Greater Chicago Scholastic Chess Championships at the Hilton Hotel in Northbrook, IL; for more information visit:

Feb. 4, Greater Mid-Atlantic Scholastic Chess Championships at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute & Western High School, 1400 W. Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, MD; entries by mail: CHESSPRO, P.O. Box 30006, Bethesda, MD 20824-0006; for more information, phone: (901) 550-0265, or visit: mdchess.com or for online registration, click here.

According to Kasparov Chess Foundation President, Michael Khodarkovsky, the tournaments are spread out throughout the country to make it accessible and affordable to all players and their families.

For details on each regional Championship, please see links above. Let the games begin!

About Kasparov Chess Foundation
About Kasparov Chess Foundation
Founded by World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov, KCF's mission is to bring the many educational benefits of chess to children throughout the United States by providing a complete chess curriculum and enrichment programs. The Foundation promotes the study of chess as a cognitive learning tool in curricular classes and after-school programs for elementary, middle and high schools, both in the public and private school sectors. The not-for-profit educational organization also organizes tournaments and competitions on a local and national basis. For more information, please visit: http://www.kasparovchessfoundation.org.