Urgent Update for Organizers of FIDE Rated Tournaments
Update to the Announcement to International Organizers (originally posted Sept.22)

November 15, 2011

At the Krakow Congress, FIDE extended the deadline for becoming an International Organizer without having to attend a seminar and pass an examination. Applicants now have until January 15, 2012, to apply for the IO title.

After that, the only way to receive the title will be by attending a seminar and taking an examination. There will be a fee for the application and as well as a renewal fee every three years. The current fee is 100 Euros.

See the announcement on the FIDE site here.

The requirements are:

Regulations for the title International Organizer

All of the following:

9.11-Expertise in the organization of chess events
9.12-Sufficient knowledge of at least one official FIDE language.
9.13- Experience as Chief Organizer (as defined in the FIDE Tournament Rules) of at least five events of a minimum of two different types; or experience as organizer of at least two different types of FIDE events. The event must have at least five rounds (as with Arbiter norms).
Those wishing to apply will need to send in five International Organizer 1 (IO1) forms. There must be two different types of tournaments that you have organized that are FIDE rated, for instance, Swisses and Round Robins. The IO1 forms can be found on the FIDE website in the FIDE handbook at this pdf link: http://www.fide.com/FIDE/handbook/Norm%20Report%20Form%20IO1.pdf .

Five forms are required for the application. After filling them out and getting the required information, they can be faxed to the USCF office at 931-787-1200 or you can send an image of them as an attachment to Walter Brown at [email protected]