Kamsky Advances to Top 16 in World Cup
September 5, 2011
GM Gata Kamsky representing New York City at the World Cup. Find more photos on the official site.
Reigning US Champion and former World Cup Champion Gata Kamsky advanced to the top 16 in the World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. Gata scored a 2-0 tiebreak victory over GM Ian Nepomniachtchi after splitting the classical time control games. Kamsky will face Russian Champion Peter Svidler tomorrow. Svidler will be equally tired, having just defeated Italian-American GM Fabiano Caruana in tiebreaks.

Favorites among the top 16 include GMs Vassily Ivanchuk, Ruslan Ponomariov and Alexander Grischuk. The strongest female player in history, Judit Polgar is also still in after defeating #1 seed Sergey Karjakin--she will face GM Leinier Perez Dominguez in round four. GM David Navara prevailed over GM Alexander Moiseenko in the tiebreak rounds after an unusual example of sportsmanship in the second game of their regular match. In a dominant position, Navara brushed his hand against his king while intending to move his bishop. Neither player wanted to win the game in a way that could be seen as unethical, and Navara offered a draw 80 moves later, in a totally winning position. See the full story on The Week in Chess and on Chessbase.

See schedule and live games on the official website and look for an upcoming CLO report by GM Sam Shankland.