Most and Lapshun Top Atlantic Open
By Steve Immitt   
August 29, 2011
EricMostslide.jpgOver 250 players braved the storm and the travel complications cause by Hurricane Irene to compete in the Atlantic Open in Washington D.C (August 26-28th).

The revelation of the event was expert Eric Most, who tied for first with IM Yury Lapshun, picking up $1600 and earning over 70 rating points in the process! I don't recall a time when anyone rated Under 2200 has won or tied for first in the Atlantic Open-- ahead of 4 GMs!   Eric defeated GMs Shabalov and Kaufman, racking up four wins before drawing with IM Yury Lapshun in the last round.  



Lapshun, who also scored 4.5/5 captured the additional $100 First Place Bonus Prize finishing just one half of a secondary tiebreak point ahead of Most. GM Sergey Kudrin finished in clear third with 4 points, winning $1,000.
Gaibo Yan took the $1,500 first prize in the Under 2100 Section with four wins and one draw.  William Alston did the same in the Under 1900 Section.  Timothy Murphy and William Stoots each took home $1,100 after they also both scored 4½ points in the Under 1700 Section.
The three lowest sections were each swept by a winner with a perfect score.  Ryan Codwin scored 5 points to win the $1,300 first prize in the Under 1500 Section, while Clark Smiley notched five victories to take home the $1,200 first prize in the Under 1300 Section.  In the Under 1000 Section, Alex Jiang had a perfect tournament, winning the $400 first prize, ahead of Neil Duggal's $300 at 4½, while Jay Lalwani, Vikrant Kobla and Christian Vasquez, who each won $100 tied for 3rd-5th place, also ended up winning the 3rd Place, 4th Place and Top Under 800 trophies, respectively, on tiebreaks.

See full tournament crosstables with rating changes on MSA and crosstables with prize breakdowns on the CCA website.