Shankland Shocks Leko as US Squad Scores 3.5-1.5
August 28, 2011
From the opening ceremony, More photos on official site
GM Sam Shankland shocked GM Peter Leko (Hungary, 2717) one of the favorites at the World Cup in Khanty Mansiysk, Russia. Shankland won with Black and now needs a draw or win with White in tomorrow's round to advance to round two.
Meanwhile, GM Alexander Ivanov already advances to round two as his opponent Wang Hao (China) withdrew due to health problems. Ivanov will play the winner of Igor Lysyj – Mikhail Kobalia (first game drawn).


Former World Cup Champion and reigning US Champion Gata Kamsky also won. 


Etienne Bacrot and Ray Robson drew, as did Alexander Onischuk and Ivan Ivanisevic and Vladimir Potkin and Yury Shulman.



Good luck to the US squad in round two!

See schedule and live games on the official website and look for an upcoming CLO report by GM Sam Shankland.