Parker Zhao Shocks a GM at the Manhattan Open
August 21, 2011
There's just one round to go at the Manhattan Open and you can follow the action on Monroi. Among the tourney's many surprises: 17-year-old Parker Zhao's shocking win in round seven over GM Giorgi Kacheishvili.

IM Vladimir Romanenko and GM Alexander Shabalov tied for first, winning over $5200 each, with Romanenko taking home the title on tiebreak. Full story coming soon!

Tournament director Steve Immitt said, "Giorgi sure looks like he's winning the game hands down against his 200-point lower-rated opponent-- a pawn up and an unstoppable b-pawn on the 6th rank to boot.  But now Parker, playing the Black pieces, uncorks an amazing "game-changer" with his 49th move-- and the spectators (not to mention Kacheishvili) are left scratching their heads as to what just happened!"

Show Solution

Giorgi could have stopped this unusual mating motif with the simply 49. b7 since Rd4 can now be met by 50. b8=Q.


Giorgi rebounded in round eight with a win over GM Gildardo Garcia.


Follow the Manhattan Open on the official website and Monroi. Check CLO for results upon the event's conclusion, and look for IM Greg Shahade's exclusive comeback tale later next week.