Nakamura Jumps into US Open in Orlando
August 4, 2011
naka300.jpgUS #1 and World Top Ten GM Hikaru Nakamura has entered the four-day schedule of the US Open in Orlando. Eight other GMs have joined the quickest of three schedules, all to merge on Friday night. In the six-day schedule, the highest ranked GM is Loek Van Wely of the Netherlands. Defending champ GM Alejandro Ramirez also chose the six-day--he won an interesting game against Barber co-champ Michael Brown in round three.


Van Wely defeated another talented youngster in round three, Stuart Finney in an interesting game.


In the traditional schedule Luke Harmon-Vellotti drew with IM Daniel Naroditsky.


Naroditsky vs. Harmon-Vellotti Photo courtesy

Luke also won the G/15 Championship side event with a perfect 5-0 score.

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