Yankovsky and Troff Earn Norms in Reader Memorial
By Ankit Gupta   
May 17, 2011
Kayden Troff, Photo Elizabeth Vicary
The 5th Metropolitan Chess FIDE Invitational dedicated to Sean Christian Reader* concluded this weekend on May 15th. It was organized by Ankit Gupta and directed by Randy Hough and Michael Belcher.
 SM Roman Yankovsky and NM Kayden Troff both achieved IM norms with 7.0 and 6.5 out of 9.0, respectively. This is the final norm for Senior Master Roman Yankovsky, now International Master Elect, who achieved an earlier norm this year at the Berkeley International. This is NM Kayden Troff's first IM norm. 

Below are two games by Yankovsky and Troff from this event.

See the full crosstable of the event on USCF MSA.

Roman Yankovsky, Photo Tim Hanks

Metropolitan Chess, Inc. hosted this International Master norm round robin tournament from May 11 to 15 of 2011. The tournament was sponsored by California Market CenterFashion Business, IncChess.comMonRoiLawyerFy, and Betty Bottom Showroom.

Please take a moment to visit the Metropolitan Chess, Inc website at www.metrochessla.com to keep informed of other upcoming events run by the organization. 

*Sean's Fund honors the memory of Sean Christian Reader, who lost his valiant battle with leukemia on August 14th, 2006. Sean, age 12, was a nationally-ranked chess player and fought his battle with cancer as fiercely as he faced any opponent across the chessboard. Sean's Fund works with California Chess League (CYCL) to provide financial aid to those who need it to pay for chess classes and tournaments. Our deepest respect and appreciation goes to Sean Christian Reader, who loved chess, and his family in their selfless efforts to support youth chess talent and interest in the greater Southern California area.