Best of CLO 2010: #2
January 31, 2011
The #2 article in Best of CLO 2010 is the The US Chess School Comes to Dallas by Elizabeth Vicary. Judges praised Elizabeth's attention to detail and talent for weaving fluid writing with insightful chess analysis.

The US Chess School is a non-profit founded by IM Greg Shahade and supported by the American Foundation for Chess. See an index of US Chess School articles on their homepage, with many other articles written by Elizabeth. Vicary's most recent USCS piece was from the recent Los Angeles session, coached by Greg and GM Melikset Khachiyan.

Elizabeth Vicary, Photo Chris Bird 2009
Elizabeth is a perennial high finisher in Best of CLO. She won Best of CLO 2009 #2 for US Chess School Comes to Arizona, Best of CLO 2008 #2 for the US Chess School Comes to New Jersey and in the inaugural Best of CLO 2007 competition, her Top Ten Teaching Books was article #4. The USCS is a double winner this year as Michael Yang's piece on the Seattle session won Best of CLO #6 this year! 

Elizabeth is a chess expert and the author of the popular chess blog,  She is also the coach of the multi-National Championship chess team, IS 318 in Brooklyn. 318 has a new website at

The Judges Sound Off
Read more about the judges here.

A typically fantastic article by Elizabeth.  Her articles are always like a five-course meal ... great insights, great diagrams, great analysis ... great!—Michael Cornett

Her prose as charming as usual, Vicary's article gives us all front row seats for the US Chess School in Dallas.   As a teacher of many chess camps I was thrilled to learn some of the wonderful tricks and techniques from this camp.   The examples are all great teaching points, and this article wins the prize for raising an average player's rating the most by reading a single CLO article.—Damian Nash

Truly excellent, versatile and very well-written piece, carefully selected examples and thought-provoking contents. –Arne Moll
I always enjoy reading reports describing the latest session of the US Chess School.  A majority of these were written by Elizabeth Vicary, who cleverly intertwines the educational functions of the camp with fun stories and insightful interviews.  The core of this particular article included 15 puzzles (with solutions) and three annotated games featuring isolated queen's pawns.  The most hilarious part was the alien story, which turned into a clever composition ending in a checkmate with three black kings!  ---Michael "f-pawn" Aigner
A combination of great writing, interesting and insightful chess positions, professional- level photography (the one with Sarah Chiang and Greg in the back is awesome) and entertaining stories makes this piece a great read.—Iryna Zenyuk

Best of CLO 2010 Countdown
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#2-The US Chess School Comes to Dallas by Elizabeth Vicary
#3- Moving up the Ladder by Christian Glawe (Judging article)
#4- A Parent's Perspective on the Chicago Open by Mark Schein (Judging article)
#5-  2010 Chess Olympiad: Final Impressions by IM John Donaldson (Judging article)
#6-the US Chess School Comes to Seattle Part I and Part II by Michael Yang. (Judging article)
#7- The US Championship in Black and White by GM Joel Benjamin (Judging article)
#8-Adamson on IM Norm #2 at the North American Masters by Robby Adamson (Judging article)
#9-The Sicilian Slayed by GM Gregory Kaidanov (Judging article)
#10- Hilton on Not Winning the Pan Ams by Jonathan Hilton (Judging article)