Atlantic City International Features Top-Notch Field
December 18, 2010
Daniel Parmet and World Championship candidate Gata Kamsky, Photo Betsy Dynako

The Atlantic City International (December 17-19) kicked off on Thursday night with a simultaneous exhibition by US Champion and World Championship candidate Gata Kamksy. The Open section also features GMs Alexander Shabalov, Loek Van Wely, US Senior Champ Alexander Ivanov, Aleksandr Lenderman and US Women's Champ IM Irina Krush. After three rounds, Kamsky, Van Wely and Lenderman lead with perfect 3/3 scores.

See the official site for pairings and look for US Chess Scoop videos from the scene early next week.

Betsy Dynako, who is providing photos from the site, described the simul as challenging but fun, "The guys from the bookstore were stuck in a snow storm (as well as some of the participants) and didn't arrive with the sets in time. So Kamsky played on a variety of sets, including a demo-board!" Additionally, Gata gave a post-exhibition lecture on one of his games and allowed his opponents to choose their color- an unusual move in a simul. About eight players participated, including Daniel Parmet who drew the following game, which impressed Gata. Daniel Parmet sent the game in with some light annotations.

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.c4 Bg7 4.Nc3 d5 5.cxd5 Nxd5 6.e4 Nxc3 7.bxc3 c5 8.Be3 Qa5 9.Qd2 0-0 10.Bc4 10...Nc6 11.Rc1 Bg4 12.dxc5?!N
12...Bxf3 13.gxf3 Rfd8 14.Qc2 14...e6?!
15.0-0 Bf8 16.Rb1 Rd7 17.f4 a6 18.Rfd1 Rad8 19.Rxd7 Rxd7 20.f5! exf5 21.exf5 Kg7 21...Ne5!? 22.fxg6 (22.Qe4 Nxc4 23.Qxc4 Qd8 24.fxg6 hxg6 25.Rb6 Rd5) 22...Nxc4 (22...hxg6 23.Qe4 Nxc4 24.Qxc4 Bg7) 23.gxh7+ Kh8 24.Qf5 Qd8 25.Qg4 (25.Bd4+ Rxd4 26.cxd4 Qxd4 27.Rxb7)
22.Qe4!? Qxc3; 22.fxg6!? hxg6 23.Rd1 Rxd1+ 24.Qxd1 Qxc3 25.Qd5 Qf6 26.h4
22...Bxc5 23.Bh6+ Kg8 24.fxg6 hxg6 25.Qg5 Kh7 26.Qh4 Be7 27.Qh3
After the game, Kamsky graciously analzyed this move with me for a little while. The following lines were our thoughts from the post mortem. 27.Bg5+ Kg8 28.Bxf7+ Kxf7 29.Qh7+ Ke8 (29...Ke6? 30.Qxg6+ (30.Re1+? Kd6 (30...Kd5 31.Rd1+ (31.Qf7+? Kc5 32.Bxe7+ Rxe7 33.Rxe7 Nxe7 34.Qxe7+ Kc6 35.Qe6+ Kc7 36.Qxg6 Qxa2 (36...Qxc3 37.Qg3++-) 37.h4) 31...Kc5 32.Be3++-) 31.Bf4+ Kc5=) 30...Kd5 31.Rd1++-) 30.Qg8+ Bf8 31.Re1+ Ne7 32.Qxg6+ Kd8
27...Qf5 28.Qxf5 gxf5 29.Bf4 Bf6 30.Re1 Bxc3 31.Re3 Bd2 32.Rh3+ Kg6?!
Allows me a trick. 32...Kg7! forces me to part with the bishop pair.
33.Bxf7+!? Kxf7 (33...Kf6 34.Bxd2 Rxd2 35.Bb3; 33...Rxf7 34.Rg3+ Kf6 35.Bxd2) 34.Rh7+
33...Kg7 34.Rd6 Bxf4?+-
34...Rxd6  forced 35.Bxd6 b5 36.Bd5
35.Rxd7 Ne5 36.Rxb7 a5
Kamsky said after the game that he had missed 36...Nxc4 37.Rb4!
37.Bb3 Bd2 38.Kf1 f4 39.Ke2 Bc3 40.Ra7 f3+ 41.Ke3 Kg6
41...Bd4+ 42.Kxd4 Nc6+ 43.Kc5 Nxa7 44.Bd1 Nc8 45.Bxf3
42.Kf4 Kf6 43.h4 Kg6 44.Bd5 Kh5 45.Bxf7+ Kxh4 46.Re7 Nc6 47.Re6 Bd2+
42Bd2 copy.jpg
After 48.Ke4 Nd8 49.Rf6 White is winning.
48...Nd4+ 49.Ke4 Nxe6 50.Bxe6 Kg5
Gata offered a draw, ½-½

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