Chess Expert Jonathan Corbblah to Appear on JEOPARDY!
December 13, 2010
Chess expert and trivia whiz Jonathan Corbblah
New York chess expert and scholastic coach Jonathan Corbblah will appear on JEOPARDY! tonight. Check your local listings to root on this active member of the chess community. Also watch a video clip of Jonathan and scope out some of his competition this week on the JEOPARDY! website.

Corbblah told CLO that his experiences in chess helped him prep for the big game. "There are many things to consider (on JEOPARDY!) besides answering questions well. Lots of games are going on at the same time so it's fun for a chess mind to apply it to the JEOPARDY! world. For instance, if there's a 'daily double' on the board and you're in the lead, you want to get it off the board as quickly as possible."

Jonathan has watched the game show since he was seven years old, and amped up his viewing schedule in his studies for the competition. "I watched over one thousand games. It's like studying old chess games, you can recognize types of clues that come again and again."

Through a highly competitive process, Jonathan three times qualified into the JEOPARDY! pool of contestants that may get a call to appear on the show throughout the year. The third time was a charm as he finally got on the show.

 An engaging on-camera personality, Jonathan has also appeared in Cash Cab, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Carmen San Diego. Jonathan also hosts a trivia night on Wednesdays at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn.

Corbblah's passion is trivia, while chess is his career. This week on JEOPARDY! we'll find out if he can turn his passion into a big payday.