The Scoop on the National Chess Congress
By Jennifer Shahade   
November 30, 2010
The National Chess Congress in Philadelphia (November 26-29) ended in a four-way tie for first between GMs Alexander Shabalov, Sergey Kudrin (the winner on tiebreak), Aleksandr Lenderman and Giorgi Kacheishvili. The US Chess Scoop interviewed several players between rounds.

IM Robert Hungaski talked to CLO about a tough loss against GM Aleksandr Lenderman in round four and on a brighter note, his role in leading his team, the New England Nor'Easters to a US Chess League victory.   

Look for an upcoming video on CLO of Hungaski's blitz match against IM and USCL commissioner Greg Shahade.

GM Alexander Shabalov talked to the US Chess Scoop about his ups and downs at the Congress.

High-school student Linda Diaz had fond memories of the tournament site, having won the Under 1900 section of the Philadelphia Open back in the Spring. She talked to CLO about a nice win in the Under 2000.

IM Irina Krush tied for first in last year's National Chess Congress. This time, she came up just short but won a nice and convincing victory in the final round against IM Raymond Kaufman.

Matan Prilleltensky recently broke 2200, and is planning a CLO article on the accomplishment, in the tradition of Evan Rosenberg and Daniel Gurevich. Matan's previous instructional pieces included Learning From Your Losses and How to Score a Summer Upset. He talked to the Scoop about beating his first IM.

IM Jay Bonin talks about how a big Thanksgiving dinner affects his play, and a win against NM Matan Prillentensky.

See complete National Chess Congress standings and information on Video of the blitz match between IMs Hungaski and Shahade coming soon to CLO!