Thanksgiving Chess Weekend Begins with Food
By Andrea Rosen   
November 26, 2010
As a weekend of Thanksgiving chess kicks from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, Andrea Rosen provided the following photograph and quiz from the Thanksgiving Open in Saint Louis.

Seated, l to r: Dmitry Gurevich, Alex Onischuk, Viktorija Ni Standing, l to r: Eric Rosen, Mesgen Amanov, Greogry Kaidanov, Yury Shulman

For those who arrive early, the first challenge of a Thanksgiving weekend tournament is finding a restaurant open for dinner.  It's a safe bet to say Pietro's in Saint Louis boasted the highest average chess rating among its diners last night, with five GMs, a WIM, and an NM at one table.  While they may all have high ratings in common, they have very different tastes in food--everyone ordered something different, and only one opted for a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Can you match the player with their Thanksgiving meal?

1.  Steak
2.  Chicken
3.  Fish
4.  Fried Shrimp
5.  Fettucine Alfredo
6.  Roast Turkey and sweet potatoes
7.  Cannelloni

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