Club Champs Crowned During Busy Marshall Season
November 10, 2010
The final round of the Marshall Chess Club Championship

GMs Sergey Kudrin and Mark Paragua shared top honors with 7.5/9 at the Marshall Chess Club Championship held over two weekends, October 29-31 and November 6-7.

It's been a very busy season for the historic Greenwich Village Club. A month earlier, World #1 Magnus Carlsen visited the club with fellow G-star spokesperson Liv Tyler.

World #1 Magnus Carlsen at the Marshall, Photo Macauley Peterson

On Friday, November 5th GMs Garry Kasparov visited the club along with GM Maurice Ashley and paypal founder and chess master Peter Thiel.
Dr. Frank Brady, Garry Kasparov and Peter Thiel

The next big event is IM Dean Ippolito's World Record attempt warm-up simul on Friday November 12th, 6 PM-10 PM. Anyone who scalps Dean gets $150, plus $75 for a draw!

Back to the Marshall Club Championship. Club manager Dr. Marcus Fenner told CLO, "Our club championship (held for the 94th consecutive year) went smoothly.  Even though the event was not as strong as last year (3 GM's vs. 8 in 2009), it was larger (39 vs. 29 in 2009)."

Two of the best wins from co-champs Kudrin and Paragua involved the same victim, IM Justin Sarkar, who ended up in a tie for 4th-8th place.



GM Aleksandr Lenderman came in clear third with 7/9. 11-year-old James Black also turned in a strong 2300+ performance. Fenner told CLO, "After beating two IMs James found himself on Board 3 in the last round against Alex Lenderman. In an eventful game Lenderman sacrificed his Queen for two minor pieces but eventually managed to outplay James."


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