GM Kaufman Ties For First at World Senior
By GM Larry Kaufman   
November 6, 2010
Larry Kaufman, Photo Betsy Dynako 2008
At the 2010 World Senior Championship (October 26-November 6, Arco Italy), I won my final two games against GM Suba and IM Shvedchikov respectively, placing me in a four way tie for first place at 8.5 out of 11! Unfortunately my tiebreaks were poor, so I won't get one of the three medals. I'm content with the satisfaction of having twice shared first in a World Championship, something I think no other American has ever done.

Against Suba I built up a good advantage but attacked too soon, and I should have been in trouble, but he wrongly went for winning material which proved to be fatal.

Against Shvedchikov my opening was fine but I chose a wrong plan, and I was close to losing, but he made mistakes and I won rather nicely in the end.

logotorre.jpgGM Anatoli Vaisser of France was the winner on tiebreak, deservedly so, in his first year of eligibility. He was a chess pro at one time, but now is a stock market professional and considers chess a hobby. He was at one time champion of the Russian Republic and later of France, and he has many first places in strong events in his record, especially at rapid chess (he once beat Anand 2 to 0 in rapid!!!). Second place went to GM Vlastimiil Jansa of the Czech Republic. Both of them were rated around 2500. Third on tiebreak was the second rated player, GM Vlacheslav Dydyshko of Belarus. In fifth through11th place with 8 points, in tiebreak order, were IM Svedshikov, GM Timoscenko, IM Rukavina, IM Filipenko, GM Pushkov, IM Van Riemsdijk, and last yearàs champ GM Cebalo. GMs Tsheshkovsky and Suba headed a long list of players with 7.5 points. Tseshkovsky was leading with two rounds to go, but lost first to Shvedchikov and then to Vaisser. 

At 7 points we find American Michael Schemm, who beat fellow American Jude Acers in the final round to settle who would be the second placing American here. Jude thus got only 6 points, having also lost the previous round. Two other Americans managed even scores, Leonid Bondar and Duane Catalonia.

The women's event saw a three way tie for first, with WGM Tamar Khmiadashvili winning the title on tiebreak over GM Nona Gaprindashvili (second) and WIM Tatyana Fomina (third). All had 7 out of 9.

Although I am of course happy with my score, I am a bit disappointed in my quality of play. I know I can do better! Nothing to blame this on, the playing conditions were fine, and I felt well and rested throughout. Next year the event will be in a resort in Croatia, and I'm told both the conditions and the prizes will be even better.

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