World Youth Round 9: Zierk Wins Again; Xiong Wins Gamechanger
October 28, 2010
Jeffrey Xiong analyzing with coach FST Aviv Friedman

With two rounds to go at the World Youth Championship, many US players are racking up points at the most crucial time. Steven Zierk won against another IM, Anwesh Upadhyaya of India. Zierk now has a performance rating of 2673 FIDE! His main rival only drew, so Steven is now tied for first in the section (though 2nd in tiebreak.) 

In round nine at the Boys Under 10, Jeffrey Xiong played the hero by defeating tournament leader Jason Cao (Canada). Xiong now stands in 1st-3rd with 7.5. Just a half a point behind are Cameron Wheeler and Tommy He who are tied for 4th-7th in the same section.

In the Boys Under 12, Kayden Troff unfortunately suffered his first loss of the event to Yi Wei of China. The good news is he is still tied for first (and #1 on tiebreak.)

Annie Wang has 7/9 in the Girls Under 8 and is now tied for 2nd-5th. 

Good luck to our team in the crucial final two rounds!

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