Mike Goodall, Chess Promoter, Dies at 64
By Michael Aigner   
October 11, 2010
ImageChess promoter and California Hall of Famer Mike Goodall (1946-2010) passed away on October 5th at the age of 64. Read remembrances from Michael Aigner below (originally posted on the USCF Forums) and Frisco Del Rosario's obituary at the San Francisco Examiner. 

Expert rated chess player, longtime USCF delegate, prominent San Francisco Bay Area event organizer, National Tournament Director and International Arbiter Mike Goodall passed away on October 5. Read this obituary written by Frisco Del Rosario for the chess blog at the San Francisco Examiner website.
Goodall had already lost a step or two when I first met him in the late 1990s. He remained active in the chess community through this year, playing at the Mechanics' Institute and visiting the annual People's Open in Berkeley. He played in the first five rounds at the 2010 US Open just two months ago and directed the annual weekend tournaments in Santa Rosa until April 2009. It was obvious to me how much he loved chess and chess players. Like Bobby Fischer, Goodall moved on to a higher board at the appropriate chess age of 64.