Happy National Chess Day!
October 8, 2010
ImageNational Chess Day (October 9, 2010) is here, and as we reported earlier this week, it's official!

Events coinciding with National Chess Day include the Continental Class Championships in Arlington, Virginia from October 7-11. You can see live games on Monroi.com and follow the standings on the official website. Also look for exclusive CLO coverage by GM Larry Kaufman. Larry gave us an update from the scene as round three wound down:

With most of the games from the third round of the Master section of the Continental Class Championship over, it appears likely that no one will have three points out of three games, which is quite remarkable for a sixty player field. There are a dozen Grandmasters playing. Two of them (Kaidanov and Kudrin) took two initial byes. All the others have been held to at least one draw by a non-GM (or have taken a bye), except for Ivanov and myself who drew each other in round three as did Shabalov and Dmitri Gurevich. So the four of us are (probably) leading with 2.5 along with two or three other players depending on late results. The other sections are just getting underway.

The US Armed Forces Championship
will also be taking off in Joint Base Andrew, Maryland from October 9-11. It will be covered on CLO with photos and key games.  

There are also two namesake National Chess Day Opens, being held at the University of Utah and in Southern California at the Los Angeles Chess Club.  The Dean of Chess Academy will also be hosting a G/30 tournament in their new location at Flemington, New Jersey. 

The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis will also be celebrating National Chess Day with a fun format in which teams of two match up against other teams of two. 

In Colorado, the Gentleman's Chess Club will be presenting the Tri-Lakes Open in Palmer Lake, CO. The tournament will span from October 9-10th.

Alabama will be doing a special promotion on National Chess Day to benefit the Alabama's Children's Hospital. Governor Bob Riley will be issuing a Chess Day proclmation! FIDE chess instructor Michael Ciamarra wil be providing a full report with photos of this exciting event.

CLO editor Jennifer Shahade will be leading a 9 Queens all girls' workshop in Philadelphia in a partnership with After Schools Activities Partnership. WIM Alisa Melekhina will also be an instructor.

At 9 Queens headquarters in Tucson, Arizona sees the 2nd annual All Queens Day will in partnership with the Sahuaro Girl Scout Council and CIty Council Member Regina Romero.   Find more info on 9queens.org, and also see Amanda Mateer's interview about 9 Queens on Tucson Weekly TV.

If your event is not previewed here, be sure to get your report in promptly after the event concludes, to [email protected] so that CLO readers can know about your tournament in a series of round-ups. Look for the first round-up on Monday and have a happy National Chess Day!