Olympic Teams Victorious in Round Two
September 22, 2010
Round two begins, Photo Tony Rich for CCSCL
After a perfect round one, the US Olympic team (3.5-.5 over Mongolia) and US Women's Olympic team (3-1 over Estonia) were victorious again in round two. Tomorrow will see Pan-American match-ups as the men face Chile and the women play Argentina. You can watch the live games daily on the official site at 5 AM EST.

Hikaru Nakamura reached an undesirable position out of the King's Indian but fought back to win. Meanwhile, Gata Kamsky marked up a brutal attack. Alexander Onischuk also won after a long grind.



In the Women's Olympiad, Irina Krush had a pretty finish against WIM Fomina while Zatonskih also won a nice game on board two.



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